Bright Blue – Every now and then 1984-2001


Here’s what you get: several very good songs, a dozen or more excellent songs, and one Eternal Classic. Along the way: bright, crisp playing, melodies impossible to dislodge from the mind, and socially meaningful lyrics. Music for bright people. The Eternal Classic is, of course, ‘Weeping’. This song never ceases to move me, no matter how often I hear it. I play it for my English classes when introducing South Africa before reading the novel ‘Cry, the Beloved Country’. An important song that utterly transcends popular music.

Other mighty fine songs are ‘Window On the World’ (also on the excellent two CD compilation, ‘SA Top 40 Hits of All Time’), ‘Wouldn’t Miss It for the World’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘The Rising Tide’, and ‘Peace Train’ {Not the Cat Stevens song – ed}. There are other gems on ‘Every Now and Then’, but these Bright Blue songs play in my head long after the CD ends. Bright Blue’s music often refers to the great social changes y’all went through in the 80s and 90s, and unlike most songs of social commentary, these sing optimistically about the future of South Africa. This is not depressing protest music. Bright Blue has made anthems for the rising new age of South Africa.

The music accompanying the lyrics is absolutely pleasant, and rocks in places (the closing number, the anti-conscription ‘Who Is the Enemy’ is one of these). Bright Blue’s instrumentation is like folk rock, but it’s not, it’s African, but it’s not — it’s Bright Blue’s unique sound. While ‘Weeping’ is a tough act to follow, it’s not the only song on the disc. Bright Blue’s other fifteen songs on ‘The Best So Far’ make this a must-have CD. Many of y’all must agree with me. Though ‘Every Now and Then’ has been out for months, it is still on One World’s Top Sellers list, at #2 this week.
Courtesy of  Kurt Shoemaker, SA Rock Digest, April 2002CD is in Mint condition.

  • Robin Levetan: vocals on tracks 4, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Tom Fox: guitar, vocals
  • Ian Cohen: bass, vocals
  • Peter Cohen: drums, backing vocals
  • Dan Heymann: keyboards on all tracks except 1, 2, 5, 7, 9

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